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Different types of fire extinguishers are designed to fight different classes of fire.
W/Co2 - Water extinguishers are used for instant cooling in case materials like wood, paper, cloth etc catch fire.
AFFF (Mechanical Foam) - These are designed to create foam or a blanket over the burning surface which cuts the oxygen contact thereby preventing re-ignition.
ABC Type (Multi-purpose) - Designed to coat the fuel with a thin layer of dust, these extinguishers put out fire by separating the fuel from the oxygen in the air.
CO2 (Carbon-di-oxide Type) - These extinguishers are designed to be used in laboratories, mechanical rooms, sophisticated electronic equipments room and flammable liquid storage areas.
DCP (Dry Chemical Powder) - Like the ABC Type extinguishers, these are normally found in laboratories, break rooms, offices, chemical storage areas, mechanical rooms, university vehicles, etc.
W/Co2 AFFF (Mechanical Foam) ABC Type (Multi-purpose)
W/Co2 AFFF (Mechanical Foam) ABC Type (Multi-purpose)
DCP (Dry Chemical Powder) CO2 (Carbon-di-oxide Type)
DCP (Dry Chemical Powder) CO2 (Carbon-di-oxide Type) Clean Agent FE
Maintenance of Fire Extinguisher needs to be carried out every month after the Refilling Work is done.
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